• How do you eliminate operating
waste, while driving capital

• What are the critical success
factors that you measure?

• How can your business turn
resources into results?

• How can your management team
welcome change to increase

• How does your human capital
strategy help you meet your
revenue goals?

• What are the key components
to organizational development?

The Performance Consulting Group, LLC, provides end-to-end consulting services from discovery through to implementa- tion. We accomplish this through our unique analytical tools that orchestrate the alignment of people, process and technology to successfully drive both sides of your balance sheet.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings support our methodology and provide analytical data in real time so leaders make better decisions as to how to spend their money. The tools support rapid transformation to increase business value and performance.


Developing the right mechanism, systems and tools for strategic development and implementation is critical to the success of any organization. Today's competitive business climate is compounded by mounting cost pressures and the complexity of knowledge-based work that drives the need to manage and lead constant changes. This type of rapid transformation requires that organization continuously increase business performance while simultaneously reducing costs. This agile transformation allows organization to rapidly move from business strategy to execution by creating and leveraging our methodology for organizational success. Building the correct infrastructure that will drive business results can only be accomplished through aligning people, process and technology.


Business Orchestration Systems
Uses a capability perspective to redefine the value creation of the organization. This approach allows to create modular units of the business that can be reconfigured easily, and to establish which of these units need to improve next to enable better overall performance of the organization.

Human Capital Architecture
Defines the organizational design of all human capital systems to attract, retain, and motivate employees.

Scorecard Ecosystem
Aligns the Balance Scorecard methodology, Capability Mapping, and Human Capital Architecturetm to gather and analyze data to positively impact the balance sheet and ensure individuals and teams are focused on the right goals.

Recruiting & Integration
Develop strategy for successfully integrating companies or individuals by assimilating them immediately through understanding and embracing the companies goals, operations, culture and strategic business drivers.

Learning & Development
Assess, create and deliver a highly interactive program the changes behavior and ensures alignment to organizational business goals through a modular and multimedia approach to adult learning.

Executive Coaching
Identify success inhibitors and strategies to change behavior to ensure a positive impact on all stakeholders that interact with the executive.

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